The Easy Evangelization– download and print.

Saint Paul’s Street Evangelization – http://streetevangelization.com/ 

Pope Francis is urging ALL of us to Evangelize the world with the Truth!  Our Protestant brothers and sisters are good at evangelizing, but they leave out quite a bit!  We certainly have to accept Jesus’ saving power, but then we have to live it.  That’s the part that gets forgotten.  Jesus has given us A LOT to do – just read your Bible!  ”If you love me, you will keep my commands.” ~ Jesus.  Can we expect to receive all of God’s blessings if we are not following in His footsteps?  The Catholic Church guides us on this Spiritual Journey.  So let’s spread the Good News.

[highlight] Evangelize – Spread the Good News [/highlight]

We can ALL do something.  We may not have the resources to rent a billboard; we may not feel up to knocking on doors, but we can all “Do Something” with the gifts God gave us.

The media has a stronghold on our society.  We need to fight back!  We need to get people to start thinking about Jesus and not just all the “stuff” that clogs our minds and monopolizes our time.

Here’s one thing I do.  I design, and order, cheap (but beautiful) business cards and club cards. They cost only 2 cents a piece when I order 2,000.  Then I put them on the drivers side door at the mall…  I also leave them around town at the places I happen to be – I keep a pocketful with me most times.  The world is in desperate need of some reminders!  We need more Catholic Heroes out there spreading the Good News of Jesus and His Church.

Here’s a couple PDF examples of my “Catholic Cards”, below.  I can order you a box for whatever it costs direct from the printer (uprinting.com – as little as 1 cent each).  The work is already done.  I can easily modify the design too; maybe put your church’s name on it, or picture?  email – Kevin@CatholicAnswers.us and I’ll set it up:

Catholic Card – Journey (2.5 x 3 in)

The Last Supper (2.5 x 3 in)

Catholic Answers – Crucifixion (2.5 x 3 in)

All are Welcome 5.5 x 4.25 club card (the file was too large to display the front picture):

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