Extra Books?

Extra Books in the Catholic Bible? Not so.

So the Catholic Bible has extra books.  They must have added to the Bible!  Not so.  Jesus and the Apostles quote verses/stories from these books that were actually TAKEN OUT of the Bible during the Protestant Reformation.  This adds to the confusion with other topics such as Purgatory and praying to the Saints in Heaven.  Namely because there are many solid references in those books that were removed.

Basically, the Jews of Jesus’ day used the Greek Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Old Testament.  Then, later down the line, a group of Jews went back to the Hebrew scriptures and at the time those extra books in Hebrew were missing.  Thanks to recent archaeology though, the Hebrew originals have been found!  PLUS, would Jesus use Scripture that was in error?

For a more in depth view, take a look at this article from EWTN ~ exerpt from DEFENDING THE DEUTEROCANONICALS, by James Akin:

In the sixteenth century, the Protestant Reformers removed a large section of the Old Testament that was not compatible with their theology. They charged that these writings were not inspired Scripture and branded them with the pejorative title “Apocrypha.”

Archaeology has proven that these extra books were in both Greek and Hebrew.  

Keep in mind that people have tried to “Reform” the Church from the very beginning – the New Testament is full of accounts where the Apostles must correct Churches and warn them against many Heretics leading souls astray.  Why was it important for Paul and the other Apostles to correct these Heresies?  Think about it.  We now have around 40,000 different Protestant Denominations.  They all believe in Jesus, but vary greatly on many other points.  How do you know who interprets the Bible correctly and who is mistaken?  What did the Church Fathers believe?  How did the Early Church operate after receiving the teachings of the New Testament?

Become a better Catholic, a better Methodist, a better Pentecostal…  God created us in His image – what does that image look like?  The Bible tells us.

Jesus is not simply a lucky rabbit’s foot that gets you through those pearly gates.  It’s important to know the Truth.  Study, study, study!  Become a better Christian of any denomination.  Start thinking about your own spiritual journey and where you are heading.

2 thoughts on “Extra Books?

  1. Your comments are much to liberal thinking that the Catholic Church and other churches of the number you mentioned can obtain Eternal Life by becoming a better Catholic? Or, a better whatever, that is a fallacy. This is what the Bible is about God’s love brought Christ into the world to pay the price of His life for sin. Since I feel that you may be a Catholic I will direct the rest of my comment to the Catholic Church. I was a Catholic but never learned how to get to Heaven. The world will never understand the Bible, but God will bless His children that they may be able to read and understand his word. Notice: His children, only those who have confessed their sins and accepted Christ as their Savor and have received the promise of Eternal Life. You are His child, you die and go to live in Heaven, like Angels until He returns to destroy the world and create a new world and a new Heaven. Where Christ will reign Eternally. And His believers who have lived all their lives working daily to please, love and praise Him every day of their lives. Are you this type of Christian. Christ said, no one come to the Father accept through me. Now The Pop’s infallibility-Meaning: The quality of being infallible, or incapable of error or mistake; entire exemption from liability to error. Only Christ had these qualities and now explain the Inquisition. Constantin passes his power, before he died to the Pope and the Pope lost it. Trying to force every living soul to become Catholic.

    1. Toby, I appreciate your zeal for the Bible. I am sorry that you were not formed in the faith as a child. Growing up as a protestant believer, all I learned was that I only needed to “believe in Jesus” and that was my ticket to Heaven. Well, that didn’t work out too well… I think it’s human nature that kids don’t listen to spiritual stuff as adults do. Anyway, I hope that you will look into the Catholic Faith and see what you are really missing. Remember, Jesus started the Church through the Apostles. Looking at the first churches, the church fathers, you can see the Catholic Church. https://www.catholicscomehome.org/
      Peace be with you, Kevin.

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