The Beauty of the Protestant Faith

Assuming that a Protestant Church still holds to the basic teachings of the Bible and the Early Church (doctrines like the Trinity were set by Church Councils), we are United in Christ!  In the Protestant Faith, the LOVE for Jesus is central.  Catholics miss this – as Al Kresta puts it, ” The vast majority of Catholics have been Sacramentalized but not Evangelized.”

Although the Protestant Faith is limited to the “Bible Alone”, it is unlimited in its zeal for evangelizing and its love for Jesus.  The Protestant Faith is much simpler than the ultra complex Catholic Faith; while the Catholic Faith has the entire Bible mapped out into rules (catechism)…  The two Faiths together would be unparalleled in history.  Spreading the Good News in the UNITY of the Holy Spirit!

Keep in mind, recent polls show that, although 80% of Americans call themselves Christian (both Catholic and Protestant alike), only 10% of those claim to be closely following Jesus (about another 10% are trying).  And America is supposed to be the most Christian nation in the world!  In Spain, 70% of the population claim to be Catholic; sadly, less than 10% of those even go to Mass (let alone follow Jesus).

We’ve got our work cut out for us – United We Stand, Divided We Fall!