Why Be Catholic?

Why not?  There is a string of succession from every Catholic and Orthodox priest ordained straight back to Peter the first Pope.  It’s the original Church from the New Testament, about 2,000 years old – the Churches from the New Testament carried on and some are still here today.   Right now, many are being blown up by extreme Muslim groups in the area of IRAQ.  You’ll remember them from the Bible – the Church of the Caldeans (present day Iraq).   There used to be over 600 Catholic Monasteries in Iraq.  Now, they’ve all been taken over by Muslim forces.  Christians there were forced to either renounce their faith, die, or leave the country with barely the clothes on their backs.

Take a look at the writings of the Early Church Fathers.  They were Catholic.  A major point to consider is that the Church Doctrine (Dogma) cannot be changed.  We believe the same ideals that the Apostles passed on.  The early Church gave us the Canon of the Bible, and many Doctrines like the Trinity.  Many people, even Catholics, want to rebel against the Authority of the Church.  Is that unlike a teenager who rebels against their parents, or a college kid rebelling against, well, anything….  Imagine if our Government had no leader.  Imagine if throughout history, the people were able to vote and change Church Doctrine.  Eventually, we would loose all semblance of the Church Jesus gave us.  “You are Peter, and on this Rock I will build my Church.” ~ Jesus, and  “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.”

Take a closer look.  You don’t know what you are missing, the Catholic Faith is Huge:

Our Protestant Brothers and Sisters only have a Bible to guide them, while the Catholic Church has the Bible, plus the traditions passed on by the Apostles and the early Church Fathers.

Catholics LIVE the Bible.  We don’t have to worry about interpreting that enormous Bible for ourselves.  You would need a Doctorate Degree in Theology, plus studies in Greek, Hebrew…