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As Catholics, we have recourse to all of Jesus’ friends – all the Angels and Saints in Heaven.  Certain Saints have numerous miracles accredited to their intercession for particular situations and even certain ailments.  Leave your Prayer Request below, and we will post some links and a prayer that everyone who visits this page can participate in and with us.

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  1. Please pray with me for my wife, our marriage and family. We recently found out that we are pregnant with our 4th child and my wife is very stressed with this situation because of possible health issues. I ask Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother for their help, mercy and protection for my beloved wife and our blessed child who is a gift from God. I pray for peace, charity and unity within our marriage and family. Amen

  2. One day at a time. I pray for you have strength if your baby has health problems. I had babies in my 20s,30s and 40s.

  3. Hello my name is Jennifer, and I am asking for prayers for my daughter. We pray that God will bring her home to us to be reunited with her brother and I. I pray that God will watch over her and guide her in her heart and in her spirits. We miss her dearly and we want her to come home safely.

    1. Jennifer, I’m sorry to take so long to respond. Something has gone wrong with my notifications and I missed a bunch of comments/questions. I hope that you have had good news since you posted. But if not – please call in to a worldwide prayer group – one that seems to have a charism for returning lost children and adults safely home. It’s on every day at 3:00 Central Time on the Drew Mariani Show (Relevant Radio). Get the app and call in. It’s sometimes hard to get through to the Chaplet, so you could always email He will make sure it gets on the air to be prayed over worldwide! I’ll email this to you as well.
      Jesus, I trust in you.

  4. Pray my me and my family in finding and buying a house. Also please pray for me to overcome my temptation and to be able to confess my sins.

    1. Jair,
      On my Friday fast today, I will add you to my prayer intentions.

      You need the intercession of St. Joseph. Pray a novena to him (9 days) for his blessing on buying a house and also for the Chaste Heart of St Joseph to give you the strength to overcome temptation and lead you to a good confessor.

      Also – prayer and fasting is very powerful. Plus, fasting will help you find freedom from every temptation. On Fridays, all year, I fast from meat, TV, radio, intimate relations with my wife, beer/wine/alcohol, soda, candy, games, etc… I send my free time Fridays making Rosaries, praying, and listening to Relevant Radio. When you can abstain from these things, they lose power over you. There will be no more temptation.

      Peace be with you,

      1. Thank you. could you tell me if i should tell my priest in confession that i have seen impure things and did impure things to my body should use the words impure or should i just tell him the words(Pornography and masturbation).

  5. Please pray for my boyfriend, Oisin (pronounced Oh-sheen). He has had a terrible cough for many months. He is also dealing with fatigue and breathing difficulty. I’m afraid of him having lung cancer because he was once a smoker. Please ask Jesus to heal him. Please ask the Archangel Raphael to interede on Oisin’s behalf.

    1. Cristin, I have been praying. I just haven’t had the time to reply. It’s been a crazy month at school preparing for over 30 meetings for the end of the year…
      What you described sounds very familiar to me. Doctors say that a cough can hang around for an extremely long time. A couple years ago, I was coughing so hard for so many weeks that I strained muscles in my chest and upper back. They ended up giving me very strong medication to relax my nervous system.
      In my younger days, I had quit smoking due to the fact that it hurt my lungs.
      I’ll email this reply to you so that you can update me on Oisin. Send me his favorite colors and I’ll make him a Rosary.
      St. Joseph, strengthen Oisin and bring him closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Amen.

  6. Pray as others are for a miracle for our foster child .
    My wife and I have fostered her since she was five weeks now over a year. Our plan is to adopt this gift from God. The judge just this week authorized transfer to her grandparents one of whom has a domestic violence charge. Evil is at play and please help with all your prayers that these evil plans are stopped before any move. Any attorneys that can assist with an appeal would be a God send. Thank you Anthony and Cris

  7. Pray as others are for a miracle for our foster child.
    My wife and I have fostered her since she was five weeks now over a year. Our plan is to adopt this gift from God. The judge just this week authorized transfer to her grandparents one of whom has a domestic violence charge. Evil is at play and please help with all your prayers that these evil plans are stopped before any move. Any attorneys that can assist with an appeal would be a God send. Thank you Anthony and Cris

    1. Anthony, sorry for this late response. I must have missed this in my inbox. At any rate, I see this happen a lot, and there is not much you can do, except to pray for the little girl and her family. But remember that prayer is powerful – God is infinitely more powerful than an attorney. And God IS in control, don’t ever forget!
      The idea behind this action with social services, is that a child will always benefit if they can be placed with another family member. There is a lot of solid logic behind this. So put it in God’s powerful hands and pray for those grandparents. Maybe reach out and offer some help to them. It is very tough for older grandparents to raise kids.
      And remember, your prayers will be exponentially more powerful when combined with fasting and sacrifice.
      May the peace of God be with you!

  8. Please Pray for me Harold Kornilow my Brother Paul Kornilow and my Mom Veronica Kornilow since all three of us have the Coronavirus Please Pray for our Healing from it and our recovery from it

    1. I will pray for you and your family today at Mass.
      Call in a million prayers – go to Relevant Radio, they pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on The Drew Mariani Show. They also pray the Family Rosary Across America, every evening. You can call in prayer requests live.
      Keep the Faith,

  9. Hi there can you pray I will have speed and endurance stamina as I will be a really busy person as I will be needing such fitness. I can’t afford being drowsy.

  10. My husband, Jiju Sajan Abraham, is working at bank in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu for the past 12 years. We are living separately for the past 4 years as I am employed at Kerala (earlier Kasargod, now Kottayam). He has been trying for transfer since 2016. Although he became eligible he was dropped from the list due to certain reasons. Even though those reasons has been cleared, and his transfer order has been issued in 2019, he is not being relieved for the past one year. We are desperate. All doors has been closed. We really don’t know what to do. Please pray for us. He has been suffering for the past 12 years. Pandemic and lockdown has further aggravated our situation

  11. Please pray for my son who has just been diagnosed with genetic defects resulting in mental handicaps. He is two.

    1. Patrick, I will remember your family in my prayers when I fast this Friday. One note though. Brain research has been my thing for quite a few years. I don’t know the specifics of your case, but it might be worth considering – brain research in the past five years has drastically shifted. One important aspect is the brain’s ability to grow, repair itself, and even form different neural pathways. Give brain games like a try as early as possible. Also, there are herbs that have been shown to be neuroprotective and may help. Ask your doctor about ginseng, turmeric, ginger, and the like. has thousands of peer reviewed research abstracts – I have found many of these abstracts used in government documents. Check it out.
      Of course, nothing is more powerful than God. Pray and fast!
      May God’s peace be with you,

  12. Please pray for my husband and myself to find our way back to each other. I am so broken-hearted and Miss him so much. Please God open his eyes to you.

    1. Carrie,
      We’ll be praying for you! Jesus wants families restored. Pray and fast for your husband. Ask for the intercession of St. Joseph. Also, call in a prayer request to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on The Drew Mariani Show on Relevant Radio –
      God is in control! I will pray that Jesus sends the “Hound of Heaven” to bring your husband back. Get those beads out. Email me your address and I’ll send you one of my handmade knotted/stainless steel rosaries.
      Peace be with your soul,

  13. Please pray that my 2 toes will heal and I will not have amputation. I am really worried inside and am praying nonstop for healing and the Lord’s peace. Please pray for me.

  14. Please pray for the Wangerin family, they just lost their mother, Jennifer, in a fatal car accident. She leaves behind a husband, and three kids. Also, please pray for the young man that crossed the center line, and now lays in the hospital. I pray their hearts heal, and not harden.

  15. We have filed a restraining order against our daughter and for temporary custody of our 4 year old granddaughter. They may leave the state and we need to be able to intercept them, serve mom, and get the baby back.
    Thank you all for your prayers!

  16. Joseph is suffering from a condition where any physical activity will cause him to become sick. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his illness. Please pray for his recovery.

  17. Can you please continue to pray for continued healing in all areas for 3 people with very serious illness and their family? Two of them are still fighting for their lives. Please pray for God’s guidance, protection & for a very strong awareness of His Presence, & that He is with them through this whole thing. Please pray for the family to get back together before they die, for family & staff to work together in love, and to get the people and help and make the decisions that they need to heal. Please pray for a person to get a staff member who really helps them, and for them all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray for them to respect the decisions that the ones who are sick make, and that God changes what was meant for bad for His glory. Thank you SO much. God, please Bless you.

  18. I need prayer bad. I feel I am being attacked demonically. I have been having a lot of odd things happening at work and home that lead me to think someone is cursing me, casting spells, or similar. I pray that no weapon formed against me will prosper and all the rise against me will fall. In Jesus name – Amen!

  19. I would like to ask for prayer as I go through some legal issues that God would sustain our family through them and help us work our way through them expediently so that I can get back to being a husband and father to our family.

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