Where is the most dangerous place for a child to be?


Pro-Life Baby

Sad but true.  More babies are killed in their mother’s womb than anyplace else.  And men are just as guilty.  As a matter of fact, we are ALL just as guilty – we are all guilty of supporting the many facets of the sex industry, however small or large.  But God loves us ALL, no matter what we’ve done!

If you can’t see it, perhaps it isn’t a human being.  But what if this were you sitting in momma’s tummy?

Pro-Life Ultrasound

What is the REAL ISSUE here?

  • Women’s Rights?  In this day and age you really have to lie to yourself to believe that.  No one should have the right to kill.  What they really mean here is the woman’s right to have sex with no strings attached – just like the men they shack up with.
  • Ignorance? For some.  If you know nothing, you see nothing.  We’re far too busy to care.
  • Sex?  Bingo.  If abortion were illegal, everything related to the sex industry would suffer.  “Free Love” would be off the table, and in this secular world… forget about it.  Sex and sex appeal is the driving force to everything not related to Jesus.  Chastity is mocked and ridiculed.

What is the SOLUTION?

Since our way of life is not going to change in this lifetime, we need to at least find a compromise.  Maybe:

  • Pain capable?  A friend of mine assisted an abortion where the baby/fetus fought to get away from the needle.  She fainted… and quit.
  • Late term abortion?  This is despicable, yet our government supports it!  These baby’s would be able to survive outside the womb.  Yet, doctors who take the Hippocratic Oath will pull them apart, snip their spine, crush her skull… sell their body parts and tissue.

Long Term Solution?

Pro-Life?  If we want to call ourselves pro-life, then we need to stop being hypocrites and turn off, boycott even, the TV shows and movies that promote the casual sex lifestyle.

As Al Kresta puts it, “Build the Church, bless the Nation.”  Remember the days of Moses; that generation could not enter the Promised Land.

But we need to build the Church from the ground up.  The root of the problem is a lack of virtues in our lives, and the lack of God’s Divine Love (a virtue).  We need to somehow get more people to church and those churches need to instill virtues in the people who attend.  This is going to take some divine intervention.  Pray and listen silently for God’s quiet voice to guide you.  No matter what religion you are, God created us ALL. Ask for God’s Power to overcome the sins in your life.  Ask for God’s power to gain His Virtues.  Ask for God’s wisdom to grow His Kingdom…